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LCSO 2012 News

November 28th 2012-Shortly before the Thanksgiving break, students at the Pocahontas Middle School were given the opportunity to see the effects of driving under the influence. Sheriff Dotson provided goggles that simulate the effects of drugs and alcohol on the students vision, the students are then allowed to drive the Sheriff’s ATV around an obstacle course.

More than 100 9th grade students were given the chance to drive the ATV. Sheriff Dotson also gave students a class on Cyber-Bullying throughout the day and K-9 Officer Blake Liscomb gave a class to students on Drugs & Alcohol. This is the 2nd year that Sheriff Dotson has attended the Health and Wellness Day held at the Pocahontas Schools.

August 20th, 2012- The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office wrapped up a very busy week at the 88th Lawrence County Fair, Rodeo and Car Show held at Imboden.
On Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Mobile Command Center was moved into place as the fair kicked off at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds. Sheriff Dotson and his wife Karla Dotson greeted residents and visitor to the fair. While the Sheriff discussed current and future programs that the Sheriff’s Office was involved in, his deputies and reserve officers patrolled the fair grounds, pavilions and exhibits. Deputies were also posted at the fairgrounds overnight for additional security.
The week before the fair, Sheriff Dotson placed inmates from his work program at the fairgrounds to assist with work on the rodeo arena, inmates also helped during the rodeo by helping to water the arena. Deputies and reserve officers were also in attendance for security at the rodeo.
Sheriff Dotson also attended the Car Show on Saturday, placing one of his four Humvee vehicles on display for the public. It was quite the attraction for young and old alike according to the Sheriff.

8/1/2012– Tuesday, Sheriff Dotson sent inmates from the Lawrence County Inmate Work Program to Imboden. Inmates cleared weeds from around the rodeo arena and picked up trash helping to prepare it for the upcoming Lawrence County Fair and Rodeo. The rodeo will be held on the 17th and 18th of August. Inmates are scheduled to return to the arena to assist with painting sometime next week. This is an annual project for the inmates involved with Sheriff Dotson’s Work Program. Sheriff Dotson wishes to “Thank” State Representative James Ratliff, Jim Jones and the Lawrence County Fair Board for providing lunch for the inmates on Tuesday





7-31-2012- Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Offers Prescription Drop Box Year Around

On September 29th at 10 am, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office will once again hold an RX Take Back at the Sheriff’s Office in Walnut Ridge, Strawberry and the Imboden Sub-Station.

In addition to the RX Take Back Days held in conjuction with the Lawrence County ATOD Organization, the Sheriff’s Office houses a permanent Prescription Drop Box in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The box provides a permanent place for residents to dispose of legal drugs that presents dangers if they fall into the hands of children.

Also Lawrence Memorial Hospital donated a “Sharps Container” for residents to dispose of syringes properly. The “Sharps Box” is located above the Prescription Drop Box in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office as well.



Got Rx drugs that need to be disposed of? Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal on Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the 315 W Main • Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County Imboden Substation -100 S Walnut • Imboden or the Strawberry Community Center
All types of medications accepted.
Sponsored by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office
Help keep Rx drugs out of our children’s hands.

Sheriff Jody Dotson announced that Deputy Matt Cook has completed the 13 week program and Friday graduated from Black River Technical College’s Law Enforcement Training Academy. Deputy Cook began his career with Lawrence County as a jailer and reserve deputy before being hired by Sheriff Dotson as a full time deputy. The training at Black River involves deputies from all over the state of Arkansas.






The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded two military Humvee vehicles and two cargo trailers through the Federal Surplus Program LESO 1033. The vehicles are transferred from the Department of Defense to State and Local Law Enforcement.
Sheriff Dotson placed one vehicle at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office in Walnut Ridge and one vehicle at the Imboden Sub-Station, giving both sides of the county access to these vehicles in the event of flooding, inclement weather or any need which may arise.
The cost of the vehicles was $260.00 each for transfer fees and just $30.00 for each trailer. The addition of the 2 vehicles to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office brings the total of military vehicles added to Lawrence County to 6. Walnut Ridge Police has two, Ravenden Police has two and now the LCSO has two. All through this LESO 1033 program.
Captain Stan Finley gave us a tour in the vehicle kept at Walnut Ridge, showing the vehicles ability to navigate county roads and low-lying areas throughout the county. These vehicles have high ground clearance, 4-wheel drive and are very heavy, allowing them to move through swift water and flooded areas not accessible by the Sheriff’s patrol vehicles according to Captain Finley. The vehicles were also exercised during the recent snowfall, Captain Finley took the vehicle stored at Imboden for a tour on the snow covered roads around Imboden and said it performed perfect.
Sheriff Dotson stated this addition to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was one of several additions in place in preparations for weather or search and rescue operations in the future for Lawrence County.


Sheriff Dotson demonstrated the Lawrence County Courthouse’s metal detector to Imbodenlive.com. The metal detector goes into use Thursday during Judge Hayes’ District Court.
The new Walk-Through Unit is used on the main entrance to the court room. The unit was obtained at no cost to the county according to Sheriff Dotson, acquired through a Courtroom Security Grant. Sheriff Dotson serves as a member of the State of Arkansas Courtroom Security Committee. Along with the pass-through unit, Sheriff’s Bailiffs also have a metal detecting wand for additional searches. The Sheriff also added that once a person enters the Courtroom they must exit through an exit only door and be rescreened before re-entering the room. The addition of the Metal Detector is just one of several changes Sheriff Dotson has implemented to improve public safety and better serve the citizens of Lawrence County.