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The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Patrol Division is the backbone of our office. With approximately 570 square miles to patrol this is no small task. This division performs many functions. The foremost is to protect and serve the citizens of Lawrence County. These responsibilities include the enforcement of all state and federal laws involving criminal offenses. The Patrol Division Deputies are assigned to one of three shifts and are primary responders to calls for services.


104 SGT Jeff Midget
106 Deputy Eric Cheatum
107 Deputy Zach Barton
108 Deputy Justin Dixon
109 Deputy Casey Howard
111 Deputy Felipe Baize
112 Deputy Mark VanBrook
113 Deputy Jeremy Riggs
114 Deputy Joe Carey
115 Deputy Tim McComas
116 Bailiff Jim Jones
117 Deputy Nickey Stockton
118 School Resource Officer  Nick Dean
119 Deputy Jim Hartness
121 Deputy Gary Tate /PT