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Dive And Recovery Team


Founded in 2011 in Sheriff Dotson’s first year in office, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive and Recovery Team consist of 13 members, all volunteer.

The Sheriff’s Dive Team is responsible for rescue and recovery attempts, evidence and property recovery in Lawrence County. The Sheriff’s Dive Team is available to assist any of Lawrence County’s Fire Departments and city police departments if the need arises.

The team is incorporating ongoing training, dive team exercises and diving technology to strengthen it’s efforts to assist in the event of an emergency. Training sessions are currently being conducted throughout the year in different weather conditions and on different bodies of water. Lawrence County consist of many different types of water bodies, Black River, Spring River, Strawberry River, Cache River and Lake Charles make up the majority of water in the county, but many other bodies of water are found throughout the county.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive and Recovery Team is in place to assist in the event of an evacuation due to flooding, locating lost or stranded boaters, recovering drowning victims, recovery of evidence and property.

Equipment for the Lawrence County Dive and Recovery Team was funded by the Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services.

Current Dive Team Members:


Buddy Williams-LCSO Dive Team Leader/Certified Public Safety Diver

Zach Smith-Certified Public Safety Diver

Shane Brower-Certified Public Safety Diver

Randall Watts-Lake Charles State Park Supt./Certified Public Safety Diver

Ryan Cooper-Deputy Prosecuting Attorney/Certified Public Safety Diver

Kristyn Watts- Powhatan State Park Supt./ Certified Public Safety Diver

Joe Chappell- LCSO Safety Officer/Certified Tender

Mark VanBrook- LCSO Reserve/Certified Tender

Wes Crisler-LCSO Reserve/Certified Tender

Justin Dixon- LCSO Deputy/Certified Tender

Joe Carey- LCSO Deputy/Certfied Tender

Hunter Durham- Certified Tender

Cody Doyle- Boat Operations 

Cody Harris- Certified Tender

Hershel Meeks- Boat Operations 

Chris Ditto- Medical Officer