Divisions of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office consist of the following..

Administration Division

Criminal Investigation Division

Patrol Division

Detention Division

Mounted Patrol

Reserve Deputy Program

Tammy Jones/District Court Fines



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Detective Andrew Turner


Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed in Lawrence County by both adults and juveniles. The crimes range from robbery, burglary,homicide,trafficking ,use of illegal drugs, theft, juvenile crime, sexual and physical abuse and the exploitation of children. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division includes Detective Andrew Turner and …

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The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Patrol Division is the backbone of our office. With approximately 570 square miles to patrol this is no small task. This division performs many functions. The foremost is to protect and serve the citizens of Lawrence County. These responsibilities include the enforcement of all state and federal laws involving criminal offenses. …

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Brian White


The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Detention Division provides for the safe, secure and constitutional confinement of those persons committed to the custody of the jail, either to await trial or upon sentence of the court. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Jailers Jail Administrator – Debbie Burleson Jailer Rose Neighbors Jailer Eric Simms Jailer Brian White Jailer Carrie Wilson …

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Mounted Patrol

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol currently consists of 18 members who volunteer their time, their horses, and their equipment for the benefit of the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Lawrence County. They perform such duties as search and rescue in the rural areas of the county. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol Members Jerry …

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Reserve Program

The Reserve Unit of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office is comprised of Reserve Sheriff’s Deputies who volunteer their time to support the functions of the Sheriff’s Office. Reserve deputies enforce all state and local laws the same as full-time officers with a mission to supplement the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Jamie White is currently …

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Dive And Recovery Team

Founded in 2011 in Sheriff Dotson’s first year in office, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive and Recovery Team consist of 13 members, all volunteer. The Sheriff’s Dive Team is responsible for rescue and recovery attempts, evidence and property recovery in Lawrence County. The Sheriff’s Dive Team is available to assist any of Lawrence County’s Fire …

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